Our Iconic Copywriter: Courtney

The Iconic Team are blossoming so well into the new year. We feel it’s important that you have the chance to learn more about us, not only as a business, but as individuals because we like to add a personal touch to everything we do. This week we sat down with Iconic’s Copywriter, Courtney, and sent a few questions her way. So, Courtney, what do you think you bring to the Iconic team? I’d like to think I have a unique way with words, so definitely that. I have quite an active imagination as well, so I love having an outlet for my creativity. Writing for Iconic has really allowed me to do that. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I love to read - books are a huge part of my life and I

The Importance of Colour in Design & Branding

As human beings, we’re incredibly visual creatures. Sight is our primary sense, and it’s this that we most often use to base our judgements upon. We see colours before anything else, and this enables us to form a first impression of what we’re looking at. From advertisements, to clothing, food packaging, websites – everything we see involves just the right pop of colour. Colour is vital when designing and developing new branding and advertisements. Certain shades provoke different reactions and emotions from us, and it’s so important for brands to have a good understanding of this if they want to reach their target market effectively. Consider how supermarkets draw their customers’ attention

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