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Starting your own business can be a scary thing. Taking that first leap of faith into the unknown is understandably very daunting, and can be quite an isolating path to venture down. You're not backed by a team of people when you're first starting out (although you've probably got a few cheerleaders in the background), and you're responsible for making all the important, big decisions.

These are all things out Creative Director Mia encountered when she made the decisions to branch out on her own. Since founding Iconic, she's become a member of Girl Tribe Gang which is a support network of women who either work for themselves or want to ditch the 9 to 5 life and take charge of their own career. Monthly meet-ups provide local women with the chance to meet like-minded people and socialise in a a relaxed atmosphere, sharing experiences about their business journeys and day-to-day life.

Forget the usual corporate drivel. Girl Tribe Gang is all about empowering women and encouraging them to lift and support one and other during what can be a daunting part of life. Members are surrounded by women who've been there and done it, or who are in exactly the same boat and trying to find their way too. It's amazing to have that support network behind you.

As well as monthly meet-ups, each Tribe hosts events to share expertise and knowledge. Women who are experts in their field share their experiences and business prowess, and it's so inspiring and motivating to listen to them. There's such a strong ethos of supporting each other, because that's one of the things you need most when starting your own business.

"The Girl Tribe Gang meet ups have been fantastic so far. It doesn't matter if you're a new member or not, it's such a welcoming atmosphere to walk into. You're definitely in the presence of women with a wealth of experience, and I think that's invaluable. Every day is a school day and it's so great to learn from others who've been in your shoes." - Mia Sohel, Creative Director

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