The Importance & Impact of Product Packaging

Packaging and design go hand in hand, and both are equally as important as each other when

marketing a product. In an age where more and more point-of- purchase decisions are being made, packaging plays a vital role in making the right impression on customers, and influences their perception of the quality of said product. It’s one of the primary ways of communicating with a target market, so must be designed to ensure a competitive advantage, resulting in sales.

Of course, there are functional purposes of packaging such as protection and storage, but the

importance of advertising, communicating information and visual characteristics still stand – these factors gain attention from the customer.

Colour plays a huge role in the design of product packaging. Bright and vibrant colours often attract attention, whilst muted browns and blacks can be used to convey luxuriousness. Keeping colour psychology in mind when choosing a shade for your packaging can be incredibly useful. One example is that red can symbolise power, speed or love. Colour is also heavily associated with branding, so customers would instantly recognise a particular company because of the way they design and package their products. This builds trust and loyalty with a brand’s target audience.

Gloss, texture and translucency are also elements to consider when designing packaging for your product as each convey a different message to customer. Obviously, it does depend on the type of product you’re marketing, but the way a product is packaged can have a huge effect on a customer’s opinion of it and, therefore, their desire to purchase it. After all, packaging is the first thing they come into contact with, so it needs to give the best impression of your product.


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