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Flippen 'eck it's a bit nippy up North!

We Brits have a love hate relationship with our weather. Most of the time we suffer through rain and gloom, with the occasional sunny spell when our two weeks of summer finally hits, but this week our weather has been quite news-worthy. So, we finally meet the 'Beast from the East', which seems to be living up to its name. It's time to get your skis on or pick up your sledge if you want to successfully leave the house this week!

For most businesses, bad weather can pose a huge problem. Commuting to work is so common these days that it's not surprising that people can't make the distance in the blizzards we've been experiencing in the North. Thanks to technology and the digital age though, bad weather doesn't mean that every single business falls to its knees. One of the perks of owning your own business that has an online presence is that you can still keep running and working, and providing your clients an excellent service.

Here at Iconic we're pretty snowed in at the moment at our Leeds office, but that definitely hasn't stopped us from powering through. We've even had the chance to pause and enjoy some of the snow as well!

Stay safe during the rest of the adverse weather!

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