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Happy First Birthday Iconic Design

We’re officially one year old - Happy Birthday to us! Cue the confetti canons and the streamers because we’ve had a whirlwind of a first year. As a company, we’ve achieved so much in year one and we’ve worked with some amazing clients along the way which has made the journey all the more enjoyable. Our female-led team have provided design work, copy, artwork and photography to a wide range of clients, and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved.

Iconic Design is a brand that was born and bred in Yorkshire. We champion small businesses like ourselves and we love to work with homegrown companies living just on our doorstep. Our aim to start building a branch of local clients has slowly begun to take shape. This year we’ve worked with Skin-Tec, Ride My Tuk Tuk, Leeds Golf Centre, Lockwoods Restaurant, Pretty Fierce Marketing, Vidi Vici and Love Pickle, and we hope to continue building relationships with other local businesses to meet their design and branding needs.

We’ve also been lucky enough to work with some nationwide brands. The likes of Poundland, Kelloggs, NHS, Kingsley Napley and Vet Partners are some of the larger clients we’ve worked with plus many more.

A hugely exciting part of the past year has been working with Poundland on their new point of sale. We’ve collaborated with them and shared ideas, providing them with our input of what we think would make their brand even stronger than it already is. We’ve assisted with concepts and ideas for their new launches, influencing their choices for the POS roundels and creating posters and key in-store events for them.

We’re so proud of how far we’ve come this year, and our plan of action for the next 12 months is to do more of the same (possibly take over the world, but we’ll see about that). We have some very exciting things in the pipeline - exciting expansions for iCON!C Design that could see us venturing into brand new things.

As a thank you for following our journey over the past year, and as a little celebratory gift for our first birthday, we’re offering local Yorkshire businesses 10% off our branding packages until 31st August 2018. If you’d like to enquire, please contact us on and quote ‘BIRTHDAY1’.

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