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The Iconic Journey

I'd always had the ambition to start my own design company, to work for myself and to be the boss of my own time and own career. This year I took a leap of faith, and jumped.

Much like many other business, both big and small, Iconic started as an idea. I wanted to create a design company that was different to the others within the industry. My vision was a design company that wasn’t an agency, and one that didn’t have additional fees flying towards its clients from every direction. I wanted to create a business that was in touch with its clientele, where the sole aim was to understand their needs and produce high quality work that fit their brief right down to the last detail.

It’s this attention to detail and drive that has encouraged Iconic to really blossom over the past few months, gaining new clients and followers every day. We’re inspired by inspirational people, which you can see all over our social media. We know exactly what it’s like to put your all into everything you do, because that’s when the results really show. It’s the only way to truly be iCON!C.

Myself and the team have high hopes for the future. 2017 is ending in such a fantastic way and we’re sure that 2018 will bring so many more wonderful things.

If you’d like to enquire with Iconic Design and find out more about the services we provide, visit or email us at

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