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Our Iconic Junior Designer: Emma

Here at Iconic Design, we work hard to provide our clients with high quality design work that matches their brief whilst also delivering an excellent experience. We couldn’t do this without our excellent team, so it’s only fair we shine the spotlight on them and tell you a little more about them!

Emma Dransfield is our part-time Junior Designer, and we had a quick chat with her and fired a few quickfire questions her way.

So, Emma, what did you study at university?

I have a BA (hons) in Fashion Management. I’m really interested in the Fashion industry, as well as Art and Design as a whole.

Fantastic! What is it about art & design that you enjoy so much?

I’m just really passionate about art and creativity in general. I love producing artwork for a specific purpose, but then I also love to do it in my spare time as well. I share a lot of my illustrations on my Instagram account, and it’s a great outlet for my creativity.

Great! Any hobbies or interests?

I love to bake! My favourite think to make is cookies - Paul Hollywood would definitely approve if he tasted them! I'm also a massive animal lover, I have a soft spot for horses and help out at a Farm where I care and look after them.

Finally, Emma, what does Iconic mean to you?

Iconic, to me, is something that stands out for all the right reasons. It’s something that people love and something that stays with them forever.

Someone or something that I think is Iconic is…..


To see more of Emma’s artwork, check out her Instagram page here: @emd_designs

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