Getting Your Copy Right!

All businesses need copy. Whether it’s for an advert, product packaging, news and blogs, email campaigns, websites - copy is absolutely vital. Creating and refining the words you send out to your clients can be the difference between securing their custom or losing it. With all that being said, it’s crucial to get your copy right!

So, what makes good copy? There are a range of factors to consider when creating content. Ensure that you do your research correctly and provide accurate information to your customers and clients. If you’re including facts and statistics, make sure they’re right before you publish anything. Not only could you create an unprofessional image for your brand, but you could also mislead your audience if you don’t fact-check.

Correct spelling and grammar is of absolute importance. From silly typos to using completely the wrong word for something, mistakes like this can come off as lazy. It’s so easy to proof check. Take a break from writing, go away to do something else, and then come back to it with fresh eyes. Failing that, you can ask someone else to go through it for you. It’s all too easy to rely on electronic spell checkers, but they don’t pick up every single mistake.

If you’re writing copy intended for online use, keywords are important to include in your content to ensure you’re actually reaching your target audience. Take care not to over-stuff your copy with keywords because this will sound unnatural and it won’t necessarily flow correctly. Make sure that the keywords you’re using are relevant to your business or the copy you’re publishing. A good tip is to research the most popular relevant keywords to make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

There’s no cut and dry way to guarantee that your copy is going to be seen, read and loved, but the main things to remember are to do your research and pay close attention to detail. Exercise these tips well and your content will be precise and professional.

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