The Power of Women

Earlier this month we were celebrating International Women’s Day, and it occurred to us that here at iCON!C we’re inspired by so many amazing women. Each and every one of us is powerful and inspiring in our own special way, and it’s important to take a moment to celebrate that. When we see women who are capable of achieving amazing things it’s empowering to witness. Coco Chanel is the inspiration for the iCON!C brand. A businesswoman herself as well as a fashion designer, she established the entire Chanel brand and made it what we know and love so much today. Her grit and determination make her a true icon and this shows in the legacy she left behind. She’s the only fashion designer listed on Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel Sofia Amoruso, founder and creator of the brand Nasty Gal, began her business by selling vintage clothes on eBay. She’s a classic example of creating a brand from scratch and building up an empire. She’s been through difficult times but has come out on top and that’s inspiring in itself. Sofia also published #GIRLBOSS in 2014 and founded Girlboss Media, a platform that encourages and celebrates the successes of women. “You create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create.” - Sofia Amoruso We could include countless other women who inspire us every day - famous women, women who surround us in our daily lives, women who we only have brief encounters with. It’s so important to build each other up and encourage each other to achieve great things. After all, who runs the world? Girls.

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